Health Care Constructor

Certified Constructor
American Builders Inc. has achieved the title to be recognized as a Certified Healthcare Constructor by The American Hospital Association. Being a Certified Healthcare Constructor means that we are among the elite contractors in the critical field of health care. To earn the CHC title, an individual must satisfy eligibility requirements that incorporate a blend of professional experience and education, agree to adhere to the AHA Professional Standards of Conduct, and pass the CHC Certification Examination. The CHC Examination assesses knowledge required of a competent healthcare construction manager in the areas of Healthcare Industry Fundamentals; Planning, Design and Construction Process; Healthcare Facility Safety - Additions and Renovations; and Financial Stewardship. The CHC Program supports the community of healthcare construction professionals and is designed to provide an objective and rigorous assessment of mastery of a well-defined body of professional knowledge. Additionally, certificate holders demonstrate their continued professional development and commitment to the profession by maintaining the certification through participation in professional development activities.
For more information about The American Hospital Association or the Certified Healthcare Constructor program, please click on the following link:

Our following employees have achieved the title of Certified Healthcare Constructor:
  • Billy Tyson Sr. 
  • Robert Hudson 
  • Cory Little
Infectious Control

American Builders Inc proudly specializes in infectious control. We offer the most sophisticated isolation system available to contain dust, particles, and construction related noise in our work area. The Starc Telescopic Airtight Reusable Containment System, not only prevents any type of infectious contaminant, but also provides your business with a professional appearance during a renovation. For more information pertaining to the Starc Containment System, please contact Billy Tyson Sr.
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