About Us

About Us

American Builders Inc. was formed by Billy Tyson Sr. CHC (President) and Robert Hudson Jr. CHC (Vice-President). Together they have a combined 60 years of experience in the construction trade. Since the start of American Builders Inc. in 1996, our company has grown from 2 employees to 29 full-time employees and several hand-chosen sub-contractors who uphold the professional standards and values of American Builders Inc. The growth of our company is a credit to our dedicated staff, and we continually treat each and every client with the utmost respect.

 'Building Today for Tomorrow' is our motto, and our pledge, and what you can expect when you choose American Builders Inc. for any of your construction needs. When you select us for your project, we will commit all the resources needed to you in order to complete your project the way you envisioned it from the start, with all the things you can't see, built with the quality you would expect.

Our employees and sub-contractors have come to realize that all craftsmanship must meet American Builder's standards, not today's cheap market standards. We will ensure that all construction or renovations will be completed right the first time, and only offer up a finished product that will withstand the test of time.

At American Builders Inc., we offer a wide variety of services to accommodate each need that you may have. Whether it's commercial, residential, renovations, design build or repairs, we will give you the detailed attention that you deserve to make your project a reality.

Call us today at 252-756-1996 to start building for the future of your family or business!
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